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About Our Band Members
Greg Hanson, Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Greg was born and raised on a farm near Wilmot, SD. At the age of 5, he began his music career by singing solos at church, school and many other functions.At the age of 15, Greg became determined to make singing his career. He spent the next eight years competing in numerous talent contests and country showdowns throughout the Midwest. He also performed with country singers Sherwin Linton and LeRoy VanDyke.In June of 2001, Greg performed in Branson, Missouri and was offered a permanent spot on the Doug Gabriel Show. Greg moved to Branson in October and performed there for 10 months while he recorded his debut album “I’m the New Man.”Greg has had the opportunity to share the stage with the Gatlin Brothers, Roy Clark, Kevin Sharp, Dustin Evans, Black Hawk, Ty England , Sherwin Linton, Chely Wright , Blake Shelton, Ronnie Milsap, Tracy Lawrence, and Carrie Underwood as well as traveling the country with Doug Gabriel.Greg has an energy for entertaining and never fails to please any crowd. He continues to delight audiences with his talented voice today and looks forward to what his future in music has to hold.Greg’s released his second album, "I Owe You One," in June, 2003. He recorded this CD with Dennis Morgan in Nashville, TN. Dennis has written more than 20 number one hits for artists like Faith Hill, Reba McEntire, Ronnie Milsap and Rod Stewart. Dennis and Greg worked together again on a Christmas album which was released in November 2003.reg
Joel Anderson, guitar and vocals
Joel has been playing guitar for roughly 30 years.  He is self taught, and began playing with his family's band at the age of 16.

Joel has played with numerous bands over the years, playing old-time country, 50's and 60's, classic rock, and new country.

Joel is originally from Bristol, SD and plays guitar and bass, sings and does harmony.

Joel enjoys boating with family and friends, going to cheerleading and gymnastics events with his daughters, and hanging out with friends.

Taylor Longworth, drums:
Taylor was born in Minneapolis, but has spent most of his life in South Dakota playing music, among other things.

“I’m not sure if drums count as a musical instrument, but that’s what I play. And depending on who I’m next to, I can play the guitar as well as they can.”

Besides being part of the Backroads, Taylor has also played for the band Row of Chairs. Taylor has put out his own CD, which you can check out at:
“I’ve been married most of my life to Cecilia. We have two strapping young boys-Phillip and Will.”
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